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Happy Friday Guys /a


3 Apr 2003
Hey!!!! another week gone by I thk this year is going by pretty fast does any one agreeds?
Ok what is everyone dooing this weekend.. The party is at my place if anyone can make let's have a nice japanese cook out and Dance a bit to relase the tention of the week we can even add sonme Karaoki singing..................
Please let me konw if anyone has time oh the Baccardi is on me.
Cheers.....:gulp: :gulp:

Anyway, yeah, time is going way too fast. It seem that the older you become the faster time passes.

As for the party, i'll be a bit late as i have to go on bike. Can't drink and drive, you know. :)
I say don't drink and drive, you might spill your drink :eek:

It's nice to see another week go by, especially since it brings Summer closer to us here in Ohio. Nice weather currently. 😄
"Ok what is everyone dooing this weekend"

Bleh, I have an hour-and-a-half presentation i'm giving next Wednesday in one of my classes (on a J-related topic no less), so most of my free time this weekend will be spent polishing my notes. This time of the semester is really busy with finals, semester projetcs, research papers, etc. all being due in about the same time span of 3 weeks or so. Oh well, once summer gets underway then the party will really start. 8-p
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