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Happy Birthday


Unswerving cyclist
14 Mar 2002
Let me be the first one today:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PETER (aka Twisted)! 🙂


Thanks Thomas, you really are the first.
(yes, it's that bad. The first thing i do when i wake up is reading this forum...)

It's my 28th birthday and the only positive thing i can think about, is that i'm not 30 yet. :p

Have a few on me!


P.S. Everyone, when you hit the street today and organize parades on my behalf, please bear in mind that today it's also Father's day.
Hmm, is there such a thing as Father's day in Japan?
Happy belated birthday, Pete

And hope all have a nice Father's day. I do wonder if they have that in Japan. It is a greeting card holiday really, after all, right? :)
Happy Birthday!

Yep 30 is a big number. Well, it was for me until my high school girl students promptly replied that men are like wine. After 30 is their vintage age.

Yep, Father's Day is small boost in sales. News reported a spending of US$80 - $90 per father. ouch ... me and my wife only spent about US $50 on her father.

ughh ... better call my Dad today!
Father's Day does exist in Japan. Here is some info I gathered from Japan Information Network - Route planner in Japan

Father's Day in Japan falls on the third Sunday of June. The holiday gives people a chance to express their thanks for their fathers' love and hard work. Like Mother's Day, Father's Day came from the United States, and came to be celebrated in the years following the end of World War II.

Compared with Mother's Day, however, Father's Day is not celebrated with quite as much enthusiasm. In 1998, one insurance company carried out a survey and found that while about 70% of households celebrated Mother's Day by giving presents or going out for a special meal, only about 50% of them did something similar for Father's Day. Florists in Japan are trying to get people to give roses to their fathers in June, just like they give carnations to their mothers in May, but the practice doesn't seem to be as popular.

According to one department store, the most popular gifts given on Father's Day are polo and other casual shirts, followed by belts, wallets, and other leather accessories, with neckties coming in third. Not all presents are store-bought, of course. Many children say thanks to their dad in more personal ways--by writing him a letter, drawing him a picture, or cooking him a meal.

Some elementary and middle schools mark Father's Day by holding special classes on a Sunday in June. For dads who spend all their weekdays working, this is a rare chance to see firsthand how their kids are doing in class.
hehe, forgot golf goods.

Dad's have smelly feet and don't get respect. Besides, I'd never like flowers, hehe, a nice snap-on-tools calander would be much more appreciated ;)
Here's a great BIG Happy Birthday to you Twisted !!

I hope you go all the way and have a wild of a time celebration, in whatever way you decided to do it !! Here's to you !! :gulp: 🍰 🎊 :cracker: :gulp: :music: :sing: :gulp: 😎 😄 :)
There are already 4 threads for celebrating your birthday...and how many are we going to have? xD
Very very popular!

Anyway, 'Tanjou-Bi Omedeto', or Happy Birthday, Twisted!
Hope to see you some time.

and Frankie, please receive my admiration, for digging such an old thread out...! xD

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