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Happy Birthday, Rock!


Where I'm Supposed to Be
31 Jan 2003
Well, you'll have to listen to my singing again, I'm afraid. The thought that counts, though. I wish a very happy birthday to our very handsome and sweet friend in Belgium.


Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear Rock
Happy birthday to you!

:cracker: 🌹 🍰 :car: 📣
No no! Hide? LOL You mean I am counting my days until I get the PRIVELEGE to have such a great singer/and good looking lady such as yourself to sing to me! :)

I would feel like JFK with Marilyn Monroe singing to him for his birthday! Woo Woo! 👍 :giggle: 😊
[Performs rock lee's Drunken fist jutsu and staggers in holding sake]

Thats right rock!......Birthday....
-falls asleep...-
😌 :haihai: 🙂
Happy Birthday Rock, you stud muffin. Have a great birthday and try not to get TOO drunk ! :)

🍰 Have one on me.
Huggy Love, Rachel
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