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Happy B'day Anastasia!

Wow! hey thanx a lot!!! i had a blast! i got to go home and see all my friends it was awsome! and i got to grab my pics that i did in my photography class and as soon as i can figure this gallery site out i'll have them posted!
Hi Anastasia, it's on my shoulders to approve pics, hehe. I'll create a new category for pics that aren't related to Japan. Feel free to upload anything you want.
okay i just put up a bunch more from my trip to Italy and France. and just so everyone knows i want COMMENTS and CRITISISM! i just want to know how i stand in the photography world, if you know, if you dont i still want to hear your oppinions.
great pics 🙂 . I'v got flu:atchoo:glad to see that you had a nice time and got those pics :atchoo: 🙂
The monochrome pics look very professional. I reccon you could easily sell those as stockphotos.
The colour pictures on the other hand, don't distinguish themselves from ordinairy holiday-pictures. The camera appears to be slightly, awkwardly tilted here and there.
I do have the feeling that you did pay attention to the flow of certain lines and the direction of sunlight, but then again, that could also be simple luck.
Overall composition is good though, you appear to be making good use of an interesting skyline when it's available.
thomas: thanx! the lion cubs were from my co-op, and i do have a pic of me with the tiger "cub" i use to walk her around the park
twisted debs: thanx!
stockphotos? what is that?
with the one pic of the train tracks i'm not centered and was quite mad when i developed it, (i developed all the black and white myself). and on some of the coloured ones i wasn't very centered again, just a little something i need to work on
i really like landscape pics
I believe that Twisted is referring to stock photo collections. Like those CD's that have hundreds of pictures on them. I don't have any clue how much you can make but I'm sure can make a little spare change that way.

I liked the B/W ones the best.
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