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Hanshin Tigers!


18 Aug 2003
Wow, I ran a search, and found almost nothing about the hottest thing in Japan right now, outside of Bob Sapp and the summer weather. Any other Tiger's fans out there? Let's go, Georgie!
naw, we about it here

a few of my friends are from Osaka
I tried to get some baseball caps while over there, but I need to look harder I guess :)
about all I found was overpriced amer stuffs
and all I got was an anpanbon hand towel! maaaan!
Yomiuri Giants

I like this team,but I don't get a chance to watch Japanese baseball games here,when I was a kid in Hong Kong,my mother promised me to buy me a Yomiuri Giants jersey but she never did

just bought this last week, loving it
from chapter 6 "Tora-Kichi"
"Living in Kansai is synonymous with rooting for the Hanshin Tigers baseball team. even people who hate baseball will say they hope Hanshin wins. There are two other teams in Kansai, the Orix Bluewave in Kobe and the Kintetsu Buffaloes of Osaka Prefecture, but they do not command nearly as much support or attention as Hanshin. This is not to say that Hanshin is a good team; in fact, since they were formed in 1935, they have only once won the Nihon Series, Japan's national championship. Most years find them languishing in the cellar of the Central League, which only seems to increase their lovability as the underdog. So don't be surprised when, even at the end of a formal banquet, the company president, the corporate vice-president asks everyone to stand up and sing the Hanshin Tigers fight song, Rokkou Orishi
Memorizing the words to Rokkou Oroshi, accurately called Hanshin Taigasu no Uta, is a sure way to become popular in Kansai (and hated in Tokyo). Most karaoke clubs in the area have the song on their menu, and everyone in the place will surely join in singing it, especially near the end of the summer."
ok my fingers hurt (no jokes please!)
Go Tigers!

Last month when I was in Shiga, my girlfriend's family would all be watching the Tigers on TV. while the grandparents would do the Buddist shrine thing, all in the same room.

They all Tiger's crazy, when I met these guys in a ska band called Doberman, I was like 'hey you from Osaka' and I started doing a mock 'Hanshin song' like the ones played in the Hakaido supermarket next to all the HanshinTigers food snacks.
Then I met other Osaka folks, I still did the 'mock Hanshin theme' I would sing about swimming in the river, in Osaka.
(Kinda crazy that)
Apparently, the Tigers have had a long tradition of sucking. But this year, they are more than 15 games or so ahead of the 2nd place team (currently the hated Giants), and their 'magic number' is less than 10.
When crazy Osaka people (and Tiger's fans are considered crazy - I've actually seen old footage of huge brawls in stadiums between Tiger's fans and others, something you associate with Eurpoean soccer hooligans, not polite Japanese!), they often jump into the Dotonburi River (a filthy canal in the heart of downtown Osaka!). I saw this myself when the Japanese soccer team did fairly well during the last World Cup. I expect it will be a nasty human soup in the Dotonburi if the Tigers win the series.
There's also a legend regarding the recent suckyness of the Tigers, since their last and only championship in the mid-80s. The rumor is that some drunken fans stole a plastic Colonel Sanders statue from in front of a KFC, and tossed it into the river, where it sank to the slimy bottom and dissappeared. Supposedly the Colonel (the statue, not the real one, I guess)was not happy with this, and placed a curse on the team, that the Tigers would never win the J-Series unless he was found. Well, maybe he has decided to forgive them, as I haven't heard anything about a Cl. Sanders statue having been dregged up (it has to be wedged under a mountain of stolen bycicles and other garbage at the bottom of the Dotonburi!).
Well, there's my story!
A good story worth telling my future childen!
Fear the beared confederate!
but does anyone know the real Hanshin no uta? I starting to get imbarressed at not knowing the real song!
I just sing along with the final chorus,
"HAN-SHIN TIGERS, fure, fure fure fure (sounds like 'fle, fle fle fle', and according to my girlfriend, means something like 'la, la la la'). Seems to make Japanese people happy (I guess amused would be more like it) when I sing it :)
how strange!
yesterday my jap GF too was singing the Hanshin no uta to me straight off the top of her head! Maybe they get taught it in schools, at birth?
Your GF from Kansai?
She's a real Kansai girl! Oh yeah!

motto discussion? :p


really good?

man, I wonder if it was like when Japan won the cup... *sigh*
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