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Hallo, Hallo. ^^


3 Apr 2003
:: Peeks through. :: Hello, everyone~ ! I can't believe it took me this long to find this type of website .. :eek: But anyways, I'm 17 and I live in Florida. It's so hard to find people that are *very* interested in Japanese things where I live. Everyone is mostly crazy about anime :: Cough.:: DBZ ::Cough.:: so I have no one to really go woop-dee-do with.
I went to Japan in the summer of 2002 for 6 weeks. Anyone heard of Ogata-Mura? I bet not .. the place didn't even exsist on most of the maps. :D
I'm sure I've rambled enough so I hope I'll be able to chat with you all soon. Thanks for reading and I hope I'm welcomed with opening arms. ^_^
*opens arms* welcome to the board saku :p i know how you feel theres not many people here that like any anime besides DBZ or what theyve seen on cartoon network. which kinda sucks because most of the CN shows end up gettin butchered :auch: it would be nice to have someone else around here to help support my habit. anyways enjoy the forums and have fun
Greetings and welcome aboard. :cool: Always nice to see a fellow Floridian grace the boards. Make yourself at home and enjoy your stay.
argh~! i hate that! ::shudder:: but anyways!
::ahem:: hiya hiya hiya and ::welcomng w/ open arms:: welcome!!!
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