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~"/\"~ Hallo from Germany ~"/\"~



:) Hallo again from Germany!

~"/\"~ <------ That stands for a symbol, of a Pyramid, energy and water.

Actually, I wanted to call this Thread, "Domu Arigatu", but then I looked it up,
😌 ...and understood, how silly it would have been, to call that Thread like that! 😌

I find Japanese Movies and documentaries, like about the TEE Gardens very relaxing. I miss this quietness like in Canada, where I used to live for a while.

Iツ´ve found this forum cause Iツ´m interested in the truth about Pyramids, their Pyramid Energy and what they were really used for. I myself have build some of them in Canada too, but not very big ones. They were only about 9 till 12 foot or about 3 to 4 Meters in size and also started to build, some very nice and peaceful Models of them for experiments with water, food and to also age wine very quickly, like itツ´s so often stated in magazines or books. This really works incredibly good!!! Iツ´d wounder, how Japanese Wines would taste like, when youツ´d do such an experiment, like I did?

The Pyramid models, that Iツ´ve been making arenツ´t for Sale, nor do I sell them because thereツ´s just too much work to make them and therefore, Iツ´d rather show you, how to make them yourselves in step by step photographs.

Only too bad, that pics arenツ´t allowed yet, cause youツ´d love them because youツ´ve never seen anything like it, ...anywhere in the world!

....until soon,

truly Atum
3 Jul 2008
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Hey Atum! I'm fairly new too. Welcome to the forums! Hope to see you around, yes?

Can you post a link to the pictures?


19 Jul 2008
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New here my self. Just trying to feel around the forums, and get some new friends!


Thank you all for the Welcome!

But unfortunately, links arenツ´t allowed to post yet or in the Gallery, I had one there and I can see, that thereツ´s going to be problems in this specific forum.

I find it stupid, that oneツ´s allowed to place Links or URLs after 20 postings! Other Forums arenツ´t that strict, this is similar to German Forums!

Iツ´m going to keep on looking for another forum, I guess, theyツ´re not interested in my Pyramids. :-((
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