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Meiji Lythtis

3 Oct 2003
hello... i've just watched one video of them, and i liked it... if u have further information about this group plz tell me, also if know a site where i could download more videos and mp3... thnx ...

and remember...

Maki Forever !!! 😄
They're produced by O.T.F. from Rip Slyme.
They have one album out and 4 singles.

One of the tracks from the Electric Sensei single was remixed by Takkyu Ishino.

MP3's and video's can be found on any good P2P program.
I'm pretty sure they just recently released a new maxi single or album, not quite sure, think it was named strawberry or something
I hate to revive such an old thread but since I love Halcali so much..... LET THERE BE LIFE!

Anyways, I just wanted to give everyone a heads up on the new Halcali cd (finally). Its called "Cyborg Oretachi" and is there first major label album.
Oooooh.... old thread, and just when I was about to ask about them. Spooky :unsure:
I have just seen some of their videos on youtube and have bought Bacon Bacon. Not your usual hip-hop sound, which makes them interesting to listen to👍
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