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9 Jul 2003
dozoo yoroshiku.

I live in the US of n A, Wisconsin and my ancestors immigrated from (what is now)Czech, Poland, and Germany about 4 generations ago.

I ended up studying Japanese 2 years in high school because they offered it. Video games, ninjas, pop culture stuff during the time was about all I new then. And I'd probably heard the language was difficult. Look at it! All those strange symbols. How can it not be tuff. Needless to say, it was not the challenge that led me to study, but pop culture imported to the US and traditional imagery come to mind. And it would be kind of neat. Why not.

So I later ended up studying 3 years in college and have since been to Japan twice. Most recently this past summer for 2 weeks. Travelling with a one week JR rail pass, we went from Nagasaki to Hokkaido , and I almost missed going to Hiroshima. Duh. Don't be so stupid (to myself). And yes, nuclear weapons have got to go.

Whatever you think of the guy, even if you're not Buddhist as I am not, the Dalli Lama said, soon after the world got on India and Pakistan's case for aquiring the bomb (and rightfully so), " to allow some countries to have nuclear weapons and not others is rather undemocratic " ---quote verbatim.

My Japanese skills have lagged behind recently.
"If you don't use it, you lose it."
Nihongo wa heta ni narite imasu.
Not that is was ever good, mind you.
And I have never lived in Japan nor gone to school there.
Although the idea does cross my mind occasionally.

I found this site by accident when doing a search for, i forget what. It may have been when I was searching for more news source to the story I posted about a Japanese lawyer filing for war crimes for GW Bush for Afghanistan. I've still found only that one so far. That war we were against too, although (at least) 2 friends from Indian and Japan thought it was ok.

peace out, yo.
wew. Thanks. Afterward I was worried that it might sound too "p.c." Some Japanese friends of mine have asked me where my ancestors were from, so I thought I'd put that out there.

Also, I had been into Anime for a while, early to late 90's.
Even so much as watching nothing but Anime, but that probably
had more to do with my phase of rejecting television. I do watch some nowadays.
But much of the initial Anime showing up on US television failed to do it for me. Now, though, I think there are a couple of decent ones out there, but we can save that for the other forums.
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