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hajimemashite ;)


14 Jun 2003
hajimemashite boku wa simon desu

dozo yoroshiku

hi everyone, my name is simon, im 18 and working as a programer/network engineer in england. In a few years i plan to move to japan and live there, im learning japanese and cantonese at the moment.

I am going to japan for 3 weeks for a friends wedding in october so if anyone wants to meet up with me, im a 6.7ft tall bak gwai (white guy), i spend all my time watching j-drama and cantonese drama, anyway thats the introduction over. i could do with a few more friends in japan ;)

Ja Na

Greetings and welcome. 6'7" eh? Shouldn't be too hard to spot you in a crowd while in either Japan or China I would think. 8-P
Arrgh... are you trying to make me think Thomas? 8-p I believe the approximate metric conversion would be 200.6 cm?
Gosh, and I thought my 6'4" were tall. :D

MUST VISIT SHIBUYA see all the kogalu

You *will* see all of them, lol. Thanks for the conversion script.
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