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Bored working guy
28 Mar 2003
Hello minasan!

I was attracted to the huge library of cool pics on this site and decided to join the party. I will also post "interesting" pics onto the site after my exam too~!

Well, some words about myself.....
I live in Toronto, Canada and hope that i will get a job in Japan after my graduation this year. I major in computer engineering and laser photonics...

Aside from that, I love Japan culture and wish that I will get the chance to live there sometime in my life ;-)
My interests includes anime (especially studio BONES and Gonzo), ps2 games (ZOE2, FFX), and i'm also a huge fan of Ayumi Hamasaki!

Well, need to get back to work now but it's nice to meet everybody here!
-- Ed.

PS. can't wait till FFX-2! <in Canada>
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