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11 Mar 2003

My real name is Anne and my user name is bulmakai.
I am currently taking Nihon'go 101 at Mesa College <in San Diego, CA> with
my wonderful husband, Mark and our teenage son, Brent. We also have a beautiful daughter, Brianna age: 6 Yrs

I love to learn; read - sci.fi./fantasy, mystery, real crime, Wiccian / Pagan themes, Manga....; movies- all kinds and making them too!
just to name a few things.
Any specific questions? ask away!! 😜 🙂
Greetings and welcome Anne 🙂

You'll find a great many resources that are especially user-friendly for beginners here in our language forum. I encourage you to check it out and if you have any questions please feel free to ask and we shall do our best to try and help. Learning Japanese can be a daunting task but I commend you for your effort and wish you well with your class. Enjoy your stay.
Domo Arigato 🙂

I feel like I'm spending my time with an old friend when I'm in class. I keep being told it like the second hardest language to learn, yet I'm understanding it quite well. Although I must admit that I am taking this on with a physical disability that increases my need for extra time studing and all. I have Severe Chronic Pain Syndrom in my low back and down both legs- Sciatic Root nerves are compressed by scar tissue from previosly failed back surguries,; Firbromyalgia thru out my entire body;
Osteoarthitis in the cervical spinal area as well as the lumbar area on down.;
CTS both hands- as well as Ulnar nerves being pinched in the cervical area of my back; etc.....
I'm taking some REALLY heavy duty drugs to manage my pain the best that we can at this time. Needless to say it plays havoc with my memory! 😊

So I look forward to all the help I can get. WEbsite, ideas, quizzes.....
Thanks for the help guys! 👍 😄
It is unfortunate indeed that you have to endure so much pain in your day-to-day routine, nevertheless I think my sig says it all...
Hi🙂 and a big welcome to this forum from me too!🙂
I'm sure that you will fit in here just like the rest of us, all looking for help and a little guidance at times🙂
@ iron chef,🙂 sooo true, sooo true😄
Thanks every one,

Iron Chef, it's been said before and I continue to say it now..... SSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOO true!!🙂 :giggle:
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