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27 Jan 2003
Hello! Hajimemashite, everyone!
I'm Japanese. And I live in Japan from birth.
You must think about why Japanese is here.
Mmm, me, too! why am I here!?:D

I want to talk with non-Japanese people using Japanese if possible...
because, you know, I'm poor at using English, and
I can't use any other languages! 😭

I love Orlando Bloom, Gackt, L'Arc en Ciel, Malice Mizer, MPD-PSYCHO(Manga), Mucha, Xenopus laevis, newts!

But now, I want you all to know about the Japanese heavy metal band, ONMYOUZA.[/COLOR][/FONT]

Hi Luzie,

Welcome to the forum.

Well, you can talk to lots of non-Japanese people in our Nihongo forum if you want to use Japanese only. That forum is mainly used by non-Japanese to learn the Japanese language. Perhaps you can be of assistence there. :)

But please also make use of the other English forums here. I don't think your English is poor.

Your website is great.
I've recently discovered Onmyouza myself. I like what they do.
Do stop by at our JPop-forum as well, so you can discuss and promote this great band.
Konnichiwa Luzie-san!

Welcome and Youkoso!
To begin with, I must apologize to you because you said "I want to talk with non-Japanese people ". Sorrrrry, I'm a Japanese!:eek:

Ok, it's a joke, please pay no attention to my silly joke.:p

Yes, I'm a Japanese and my English is poor too. My English may more terrible than you. But I can write English unashamedly. Because all of member deal leniently with my poor English.:)

If you feel uneasy at your English, your fears are utterly groundless. Because your English look like better than me.😌

Thank you so much your cordial welcomes!!

Of course, I'll try to use English here!

>Twisted san
Oh, you know ONMYOUZA!! I'm thrilled to hear that.
Even Japanese people would say "ONMYOUZA? What's that??":eek:
and thank you for visiting my website.😌
I think your site is hyper-cool!!

>NANGI san
heh, heh!
Comment Arigato!
Mochiron Nihonjin tomo Hanasitaidesuyo~

I want to talk with Japanese people
interested in non-Japanese countries or studying other languages!

>deborah Gormley san
Thanks! I'll study English harder,
and I want to learn other languages.
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welcome :D

Welcome and a big hello! :D

First of all, if you want to get rid of this mental attitude that your English is bad...or perfect. True, your English may not be as good as a native speaker, but from my viewpoint, all native speakers are far from perfect themselves, myself included, and even fewer have the ability to write or spell using Good English. So, taking this into account, the fact that you and other Japanese having the ability to make yourself understood in a forums page like this shows the desire and ability to do well enough. Stop putting yourself down so much!


second: Learn English...don't study it....study is for entrance exams (which I think are a waste of time, especially the college ones in Japan).....Learning is what you can use in a practical manner....for everyday life... :D

Third: Website? What website? Where is this website?

Fourth: What the heck is Onmyouza? :eek:

Fifth: always remember that I know nothing, so know that you know more than I do... :D

den4 :D
Hi Luzie, welcome and yoroshiku from me too! 🙂

As for your English: well, everything has already been said. And remember, not all of us are native speakers here (including quite a few team members and myself), lol.

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