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Hajimemashite, Olivia desu!


17 Aug 2002
Hello, everybody!

I was taking a look at some introductions and found the members pretty interesting! I'm really glad I found this site 'accidentally', had no idea that there was such an interesting site! :)

Well, about myself... I am a 23-year-old-Brazil-borned-Japanese-descendant girl, who loves learning languages! I speak Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese and English. And i've just started to take French classes this month.

AH! About that 'accident' I mentioned above, I was looking for a web site about j-pop top hits and stuff like that. But now that I found out this one, I guess it's gonna be much more useful! (starting from that 'people search forum', where I've already posted my request for help!) 🙂

That's it by now! See u!
Hi Olivia, it's a pleasure to have you here. Thanks for your kind words!
thank you for the "welcome words"! :)

i'm sure i'm gonna enjoy it a lot! yoroshiku!!
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