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Hajimemashite! ^o^


13 Dec 2003
Douzo Yoroshiku!

My name is William-aka The Idoalist.
Just stumbled upon your interesting corner of cybersky..

Japanese animation got me hooked when I was about
5yrs old.
Interest in Japan in general soon followed.

Since then I have learned a lot and managed to make
some Japanese friends.
I came here and joined because I want to learn so much
more about Japan and Japanese people.

Right now I draw manga-just images and artwork for projects-
and make music/poetry with a lot of Japanese influences.

Oh yeah...I like Hamasaki Ayumi a lot...
P'z Ido
hen gao xing ren shi ni

I DONT speak or read Chinese...

However, I know that Chine is oriented to tones... How are you able to understand each other without indicating the tones in the Pinyin? When I type each word in "hen gao xing ren shi ni" I obtain several options of Hanzi for each word...

You should be real good Chinese speakers!!!!
Originally posted by CA_mestizo
that should be "wo yao zou le"

Ah..well, the course I did from the library says 'la':eek:
The Chinese ppl I know only speak Kwangtung anyway..
And I'm not good at either..Putonggua bu hao shi..with me
that is.

Nice to find Chinese speakers here! cool
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