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Hajimemashite, Jeff desu


3 Sep 2002
Hello, I am currently in my third semester of nihongo at Central Connecticut State University. I've been interested in Japan ever since I was a kid when I was an avid fan of Godzilla movies. I used to watch the movies with equal amazement of both the gigantic monsters and the curious writing that was displayed on signs and buildings. When I made my second attempt at college (I am finally graduating in December !) I was required to take a language, and wouldn't you know-- I took Japanese. Well now, I'm done with the requirement and I'm still taking nihongo. I have an immense desire to learn the language and fascinating culture. Any help that anyone can give me would be great.

douzo yoroshiku jeff san.

welcome to the forum...Feel free to browse and add comments where you please.
Hi Jeff,

nice to have you here. I guess you're the first godzillologist on board.

I start to glow after a good six pack! Although, that's probably the case for most of us.
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