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19 Dec 2016
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Hello dear friends.
Many of us noticed the Hagakure after Yukio Mishima's works. Many other noticed that book after the American movie "Ghost Dog". Other maybe already knew its importance or heard about this text through the sphere of Martial Arts.

The reason of this topic is to declare the best (maybe more than one) translation of that book in English language.

The most known is the W. S. Wilson's translation. This translations was also use in Jarmusch's film "Ghost Dog".

A new one from A. Bennett is also a great translation - more Academic.

Also there is the Nishiyama Masahiro's translation 『校註葉隠』(英訳 翻訳者:西山正廣) but I cannot express any opinion since I have not read it.

Of course one can find some other translations (partial the most of them).

Which is the best translation among them? Is there any translation that is far better than all the others?

Personally, I think that the most poetic is the Wilson's version but the more analytic is Bennett's.

Thank you my friends
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