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11 Oct 2003
its sooo fun to pretend that the forums are on .hack or something lol!

i just finished Infection. Hows Mutation? i heard its kinda boring.
haven't got around to playing mutation. Prolly since I'm saving for my DDR machine. I'll bum it off a friend and figure out how many times it may put me to sleep.
haha! my friends friend wont let me borrow it. SHE DOESNT EVEN LET ME INSIDE!!!! shes nice to me but shes afraid that if i go in her house we wont be friends......she thinks im soooooo great. hehehe im so special (oops his isnt about .hack) errrr i mean in the world......*cough*:eek:
I still have yet to touch Mutation, but since it's $29.99 USD now, I think I shall get around to buying it.
I got bored of it after awhile. After playing MMORPG's for so long, and even normal RPG's the game felt flat.

Certainly an interesting concept, but It wasnt as good as a MMORPG (multiplayer, conversation, or real team work) nor as a RPG (compelling story and character developement).

All in all it is ok series.
I agree it's an okay series also. But I'm only interested in seeing what happens. I finished the first two titles now, so two more to go.
I beat mutation. The beginning is slow but later on it's not so bad. I already bought outbreak but havnt had time to play it. I saw the dvd it came with though and that sucked.
tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaasssssssssssssss much of this game as you can iiiiiii wwwwwwwwaaaaannntttt to get this game so bad i could not even begin to say.
all these games sound really interresting but what exactly to you do in the game like the objective.
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