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Gundam is great, the last one I saw was Gundam Seed it wasn't bad I'm not a fan of little crying babies for pilots though
Yes!gundam seed has great mecha design and storyline!But i don't like G Wing cos the mecha is so lame that it can doge so many laser beams and hav an infinte ammo beam rifle,and what's worse is the main character which is some kind of a nimwit
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The toons or the real thing?

If I had a gundam, I would rule with an iron fist:devilish:

i'd rule with either a titanium or gundamium fist rather than iron

i like gundam but hate g-gundam because none of it makes any sense at all
I like certain Gundam animes. I really disliked the original Gundam and G Gundam, I really though that there was NO plot at all. Sure there's a tournament and all, but who cares? I thought Wing Gundam and Gundam Seed were the best. Aside from the animes, I think Gundam model kits are fun to build! XD
^^^ OMG... That is about the most ignorant statement EVER. I don''t even know where to begin on that one... actually I won't even dignify it with an answer.
most be the last three post. I can tell you what i hate. that damn gundam sd...soul someting. now that makes me VERY MAD. But overall gundam has been kinda good. i just like mechas i guess.

Thats why ESCAFLOWNE rules over all.
sd gundam is for 4-year-olds, right up there next to pokemon. if you cant tell its a kids show well then wait a couple years.
wing gives me a headache, yeah it looks cool but thats about it.

my favorite gundam is the tequila gundum, because i like tequila and it it looks like a pissed off cactus-man in a sombrero so :p


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I love the Gundams, especially Gundam W....... 5 kids cool, their gundams powerful too, story really fascinating, graphic attracting....and so on~~ 😄
I loved Burning gundam and....Dragon gundam!
Its just something about burning finger that made me jump off the sofa! and be like

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