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Gundam Seed or Gundam Wing?

Which does you all prefer?

  • Gundam Wing

    Votes: 30 63.8%
  • Gundam Seed

    Votes: 17 36.2%

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1 Apr 2004
Which does you prefer? Seed or Wing? Yamato or Heero?
For me, I like Gundam Wing......
Because its drawing skill quite better than Seed...
Story also well at all~~~
The Gundam Wing On The After Colony...

The prosperous World Federation controls 10-15 colonies at a La Grange Point. Its citizens appear to be living peaceful, ordinary lives... The Federal Army is supposed to be enforcing law and order, but within it is a secret function called 'OZ' that is plotting a military coup....
Heero, Duo, Trowa, Wufei, Quatre....
Lets check it out!!! 😄 🔥


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My Picture.......Yeah!!
Is that ugly, Comrades?
Ask your opinion~~ HUAHAHAHA>>>>>>> 😄


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Gundam wing powaa ^^
I don't like a lot the so called computer-rendered-battle scenes in gundam seed :eek:
i voted for gundamwing since it's the only one i saw

one of my friends prefers gundam seed ... but well :eek:
Hi everyone, well i prefere gundam seed, dont ask me why, an dont know either i just like more seed, well thats all i think :p , hehehehe see ya!
I prefer Gundam Seed...
well take a look at Gundam Wing...it's total like they mecha can dodge everything!! and their ammo of enery combustion never runs out!
And the story is really plain boring...not much focus on the characters...
My vote's for Wing. The political and governmental machinations in the storylines can make your brain ache, but the characters and the all the mobile suits make it all worthwhile! 🙂
Seed is good, but somehow it just doesn't hold my attention like Wing. Wing had cool characters (Duo and his Gundam Deathscythe were my favs), not to mention lots of character development (which i love). Heero was an especially complex character, and so was Trowa Barton. Also it was very interesting to see how the guys interacted together, since they were a team but were always splitting up (trowa going off, wufei going off). Very brilliant!
Well, Seed is better than SD Gundam at any rate, SD was a disgrace to Gundam! :auch:
I got to go with wing on this. I loved the battle sceens and that gundam that made you halucinate when you pioleted it and epyon they were all great I loved how they would scream out hatefull things right before they would strike down an enemy. It was all great.
I don't think any of the alternate universe series have ever been good. G-Gundam? Crap; Seed? Crap; Wing? even worse.

How many times can Bandai keep using the same formula before people start tiring of it. Each series gets more tiresome than the last.
Oh, that was the other crap series: G-Gundam. What the heck happened to the two warring sides?! How is Wing the worst though? I thought the characters were really good, and the Gundam design was great. Deathscythe and Epyon were the coolest!
I'm no big fan of either. I've watched them both but the stories don't really intrest me that much. So I like them both the same.
I liked Gundam wing not only because it had cool complex characters and nice gundams, but because the plot is interesting and there is a philosophy behind it that reaveals human nature.
i liked it in GTO when they totally dissed Gundams... that was fun ^^

she's totally hot too in GTO.. the girl with one eye blue and one brown.. those gundam guys got t stay in the same room as her... i'd totally be her slave.. errr.. i mean... she'd be all.. like.. err...

*runs away*
Emperor does the insignia under your name read 'All under heaven'? Is that the chinese way of spelling it ?
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