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Guitar Vader

12 Nov 2003
Yep, they are doing their first-ever UK gig at the Sticky Rice Night event at Notting Hill Arts Club in London on Monday 24th November, along with myself and two other J-pop / J- rock DJs.It kicks off at 7pm with the first DJ on at 8pm and Guitar Vader onstage at 10pm.
For more details please check out:

(when they update it that is!)
Hey, that's pretty cool. I hope i can see Guitar Vader live in Holland soon.

BTW, what kind of Japanese music do you play?
A mixture of stuff from mid 90s till now - Judy and Mary, Supercar, Plus-tech squeeze box, Clammbon, Cocco (the singer from Okinawa) Ayu, Puffy, maybe even a little Kyoko Fukada!
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