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Guilty Gear X (Is there a Movie?)

Hail there, well i saw the trailer and looks gread, really gread well thats all can say hehehehe, sorry for my bad english, ahila
First I've heard of it.

If anyone has any more info, post it; I'd like to know, myself.
in ref to the trailer within the game?
well, i messed around with google, for a second, didn't find anything conclusive, probably bec of that trailer
some things to try:
ギルティギア = guilty gear
のアニメ = the "の" is for possessive, can try "アニメ" = anime by itself also
or check Arc System Works or Sammy for info
Guilty Gear movie? I can only hope it's animated. Actually, 2D fighting game movies never turn out right. They're always screwed up badly. If Guilty Gear is gonna be animated, I hope they get the animation right. Hmm something tells me that a movie is gonna be quite a task (not just the animation).
Guilty Gear X movie

There is such a movie. In fact it is being released in America this coming December. I have seen two seperate trailers, one for just Gulity Gear X and the other for X2.
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