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yeah i downloaded an episode, its pretty good ill prolly get another one here in abit. unless of course your talking aboutthe anime then ive seen all but the last couple episodes.
actually i think there is a female version, or so i've heard anyway. great teacher naomi
yeah its in the manga, which is more than what in the anime, and the drama never says anything about it. either way hes sitting at a mall felling sorry for himself when a girl comes up to him and talls him all this stuff about how her ex sucks, and basicly suduces onizuka. then later at a love hotel he ex comes to the window and she jumps out and runs off with him. her ex is a 45 year old wrinkled teacher. thats when eikichi got the idea to be a teacher, and being one he hopes he can finally loose his virginity.
haha yeah i remember the manga : ) he seems tougher in the manga than the live show. but i really like both.

female version. cool i will check it out!
yeah i like all of the forms for their differences so you still get to see something new even when you already know the story.
Jup I've read the manga and seen the first episode of the "live"-series but not the anime version. I like it alot. :)
:) Oh man, I really love GTO!! I want to buy the live action drama, but I don't know where do get it. Does anyone know where I could buy it from?😍 GTO😍
you can download the subtitled version from places. sorry i don't know where... :(
if you have bit torrent (and i recommend high speed internet) you can get them from suprnova. they are in the anime section but they are the live action.
YAY, I did some searching after I asked about it and I found the series!!!!! I found it on ebay, believe it or not!!!👏 👏 👏 👍
me me, i've seen it, both anime and drama. It's so funny, lol. (i've even got the whole set of it in my drawer)
i downloaded it... but i saw it was the XXX version... mmm not bad,, but i wanted to see the normal one hehe
I've read the manga, but never seen the live drama. I really want to, though!!! I've got a question; who plays Onizuka in the drama? Are there different actors for that role in the movie than in the drama episodes?

Does Yosuke Kubozuka star in GTO?
Takashi Sorimachi plays Onizuka:

kawaii ^_______________^
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