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Ground control to major Junchan


14 Mar 2003
No, I am not a Bowie fan and no, I am not that interested in Japanese politics. What I am however, is a 22 year old Belgian guy, studying Japanese Studies (language and history/...) for about 5 years now. Graduation's coming up in June!! :eek:

Anywayz, the reason I subscribed to this forum is because I have lived in Japan for about a year (Osaka) and ever since I got back I cannot help but feeling Japan Blues. Maybe this forum can be somewat of a medicine? Looking forward to exchange some thoughts with you guys!

Greetings and welcome Musashi! I know all about the Japan "blues" you mentioned and like yourself am eagerly awaiting graduation so I can return asap. Enjoy your stay and please feel free to make yourself at home.
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