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14 Mar 2002
Guest Colleen Wood asked:

We are going to Japan soon and were wondering what the cost of groceries were.

Also what is a desired gift to take for a lady?

costs of groceries depend on many things: geographical location, city/country-side, season and of course on which kind of groceries you are referring to. Expect prices to be generally higher than in the US. What was amazing me personally the first time I went to Japan, were prices for fruits, sheer astronomical due to protective economic measures!

As for the gift: get the lady something typical from your area. Japanese do like souvenirs from abroad. That way I always fared best.
Guest Colleen Wood replied

Dear Thomas,

Thank you for your reply to my inquire about groceries in Japan. The reason for the inquire was that we were hoping to fix an American dinner for the family that we are visiting. I was wondering if beef was out of sight. Is it super expensive to go out to dinner, eating maybe sea food. We are already are most excited.

Thank you so much.



fixing an American dinner should be no problem. You will be able to find beef in supermarkets quite easily, and prices are not always as horrendous as reported.

The same applies generally to having dinner at a restaurant. The
general rule is: the more traditional (tatami, sake etc), the more expensive.

I wish you and your family all the best in Japan, enjoy your stay, I am sure you will definitely have a good time!
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