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Groove Adventure Rave!!

Dark Shadows

22 Sep 2003
or in the U.S. RAVE MASTER! :D
thought this manga is kyoot
esp. lil PLUE

edit: damn it!! I mean GROOVE ADVENTURE RAVE :mad:
oh, I like rave! 🙂 it's very cute! does anyone know where you can find nice pictures of rave?
since tokyo pop licensed it, all the websites pulled the pics? is anime web turnpike still up? haven't checked in a while...
So.. sad... I hardly can find any pictures of it... :( why does it make a difference, if tokyo pop licensed it?
even though its liscenced, is there a possibility that there's a fansub for it? can anyone tell me where to get it? especially using bittorrent....

thanks ;)
I don't know... but some one once gavesome site addresses... but I can't find them anymore... >.< gomenasai...
well if you happen to remember could you please please please inform me? i'd appreciate it so much!! ;)

yeah... I would love too... I thought I saved it somewhere, but when I checked (I wanted to go look myself) I couldn't find it... ah wait I'll look again... I thyink I did save it somewhere else...
I collect this manga. My siblings love it. anyway, I found some pictures.
would this help?


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