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15 Nov 2002
Not exactly japanese, but since 'tis the season... :emoji_grinning:

:emoji_grinning: :emoji_laughing: 🙂: :emoji_flushed: :emoji_stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


merry xmas to all....and hope no grinchy xmas to you.... :emoji_grinning:
this may make xmas a little interesting....having the DJ effect...

CD Scratch 1200 v1.00.007 [972k] W9x/2k/XP FREE

Ots CD Scratch 1200: The Ultimate Virtual Turntables CD Player

{Virtual CD player} Instead of dreaming of a white Christmas, are you dreaming of becoming a DJ? Funky down with CD Scratch and simultaneously play two songs from the same CD, even with one going forward and one going backwards. Imitate those DJs and scratch CDs back and forth (lookin' cool in your shades) and blow Puffy away. Create your own mix and DJ the next party like a pro. Put the CD into the drive and the music plays while a record spins on your screen. The mouse is the tool for scratching and to change the tempo and pitch. Finally, listen to those lyrics that supposedly play when putting an album in reverse mode, or make an annoying band sound better (or worse). Sounds slick!
or for a more grinchy theme:

Supernatural Crime


{Twisted tales of terror} The Crime Boss directs me to "Femme Noir," where I feel like I'm being taken in back in time to the Dick Tracy days. "Femme Noir" is a Web-original mystery comic strip with new episodes every Friday at the Supernatural Crime site nearest you. Crave more? Three other comic strips are there for your terrorizing pleasure. Find more hard-boiled, pulpy goodness in the hard-hitting pulp fiction and art galleries sections. Better show up or Crime Boss will send Brother Grim, the dark avenger, after you. Fans of The Shadow and The Spider can get their fix from the "Two-fisted tales of twisted terror" themed site. However, this wimp will stick with Baby Blues, Garfield, and Peanuts.
Here's the ultimate:
for a real Grinchy Christmas... :emoji_astonished:
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