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3 Aug 2002
Hello everyone.

I'm glad I found this site. I've taught English in Japan for six years, three years in Shimonoseki and three years in Fukuoka.

My wife is Japanese who I met in Japan.

I'd like to e-mail with people from Japan. I've been out of Japan for at least 15 years but do keep up with our family and friends from Japan.

I'm hoping to find a long lost family that help me while I lived in Japan. I've posted to people search for the Shinmakawa family who I met while I was teaching English in the evening in Kokura. So far I've been unable to locate his family.

Hi Calvin, welcome aboard!

I hope you are going to share some of your Japan-related experiences with us. Also, there are quite a few members who currently reside in Japan.

Hopefully you'll be able to locate your friends.
Hi and welcome to the forum Calvin🙂

I do also hope that you have luck in locating your friend🙂
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