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5 May 2003
we had a disscusion in japanese class about japanese greetings( aisatsu ) and why it is short and why there nothing such how are you . no body had an convinience answer so i would like to hear some japanese opinion

what about:
genki desu ka?

There may be no direct translations for many English phrases into Japanese, but be assured that the Japanese have their own ways of saying greetings:

genki desu ka = How are you?
moukarimakka = How are you? (in Osaka dialect)
hajimemashite = Nice to meet you.
Douzo yoroshiku = Same as above, but a tad more formal.

There are many more greetings. However with any language I don't reccomend directly translating phrases from english-->other language or vice versa, see below:

Literal Translations
moukarimakka = Are you bringing in a profit?
hajimemashite = So we've begun.
douzo yoroshiku = Please favor me.

Needless to say it could leave you a tad confused:p

It's like if a Japanese person tried to directly translate "What's up?", Probably wouldn't make much sense to them.

Just my 2 yen
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