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Sacred Water

17 Sep 2003
Hi, I joined these forums because I enjoy having discussions about anything in general. I have a friend from Japan called Takashi San. He reminds me of a wrestler named Tajiri. I have never been abroad in my life but Japan has really cool people. I missed the chance to go to the city Hong Kong on my moms 2nd visit there. On her first visit she met International Superstar Jackie Chan and she has a photo of them together.
I based my user name on the British 1980s band Tears For Fears. Their hits include: "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" and "Mad World". The Japanese originated alot of my favourite TV shows and video games. I love Pokemon with a passion. I used to buy the cards but not for awhile. The Godzilla movies are pretty entertaining/comical. I also read a comic called Gon which has no text,only pictures. You may have seen Gon in the video game Tekken 3. It is a little dinosaur.

I have a budgie named Danny that can say "cheeky wee babies". Below is my favourite picture of a parrot:


I think it is beautiful!😄

Other things about me:

Favourite Music= 1980s
Favourite Actor= Sylvester Stallone
Favourite Actress= Sarah Michelle Gellar
Favourite Games= Biohazard/ Silent Hill/ Tekken

Website: www.imdb.com as Budgerigar.
E-mail= [email protected]

Stay cool everyone!:)
hiya tears for fears and welcome. i totally dig listening to the 80s station on the radio. how did you miss the chance to goto hong kong? if i ever had that chance i would take it in a second. anyway enjoy the forum.
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