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2 Sep 2003
I have looked for a forum like this for a long time and now i have finally found you :)

My name is Craig i am from Nottingham in the UK,
Im 32 years old and have a beautiful wife and a 5 year old daughter named KAI, we also have another child on the way in about 2 weeks time 😄

Now i have found this forum expect many questions from me as Japan is somthing i have been facinated with since i was young particularly anime, manga and movies (currently watching the LONE WOLF and CUB series of films)

Im glad to have found you and i hope to be of help in the future.
hiya bulletmag and welcome. ive seen the 1,2 and 4 of the lone wolf and cub series. very cool. enjoy the forum.
Konnichiwa BulletMag-san!
Welcome and please enjoy the forum! Yoroshiku ne.🙂

Greetings and welcome. I'm sure you'll find much in common with many of our members.
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