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15 Mar 2002
Hi Everyone, My name is Jeff and I am from SF CA USA. About 5 years ago, my company moved me to Tokyo Japan on an international assignment, I knew nothing of Asia, Japan, the culture or language. But on I went.

Being a stubborn do-it-yourself kinda person, I started teaching myself how to speak Japanese, and I can say, it was very difficult. I basicall kepts a small notebook (Japan is the world's leaders of making small notebooks incidentally) and took down notes of words and phrases I need to know how to say, WHEN I needed to know how to say them.

Over a few years, the words and phrases grew more and more, until finally, I reached a level where I had so memorized just about everything I need to say on a typical day to day basis.

It was incredible, I could finally commuinicate!

After reviewing my phrasebook diaries, I realized that there is tremendous VALUE contained in those pages.... Not just the word for word or phrase for phrase direct translation, but equally as important is the chronilogical order. What is most essential, most important to learn is at the beginning, the basics, greetings, etc... Then you work into being able to express yourself and later the finer aspects of conversation.

It was a natural, practical and effective way to learn the language. So I decided to make my diaries available online for others to use. You can see them at www.phrasebase.com.

Also, I am seeking others who have a passion for language and culture exchange to help me with building this web site. You don't need any web experience, just a passion.

Warmest Regards, and Thomas's Japanreference site rocks, I can only hope to try and match his level of quality.

Hi Jeff, and welcome! Thanks for your kind words, you're flattering, hehe (oops, if I'm correct I still owe you an email, right?).

Phrasebase.com looks very impressive indeed. As for your project: I'll get back to you soon, honto-ne!
Welcome abroad!

NoCal nice!

Too bad my parents in Southern California. SF is definitely the city in Cali!

Good luck with the site.

hmmm your site is throwing errors for me :(
I'm accessing with IE 5.1.? on OSX 1.1.4 .....

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/www/phrasebase/translations/links.php on line 239
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hi and welcome japanappy🙂

must check out you phrasebook, I speak no japanese at all, and understand it even less lol, but someday i'l surprise you all lol.
hello everyone! my name is tricia suscano from the philippines. i'm turning 24 this year but i can still remember the time i learned anything about japan and that was when i was still 10 years old..i had great passion for anime and was so hype everytime a new anime is shown on tv...over the years..well...my interest grew and even now that i am working, i'm actually saving to be able to visit japan someday and witness everything that i read about the people and their culture...i'm definitely looking forward to it...i'm so excited!
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