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28 Jul 2003
Greetings to everyone on this forum! A short introduction of myself...

I'm from Singapore. A tiny island in South East Asia, that is just a dot on the world map if anyone tries looking for it on the map. I'm currently a student studying in the university and am from the Japanese department, I have been looking for a good fourm to participate so as to meet more people interested in anything and everything Japanese. Thankfully, i manage to stumble upon this forum that's 'alive'!!! Keep posting everyone!

Hi Teardrop ! Welcome aboard !

Singapore is a nice place to live isn't it. I live near some towers in Tokyo that remind me of Singapore every day (and they are probably the only such place in Tokyo, if not Japan). Have a look. Do you agree ?

Have you been to Japan yet ?
hey there teardrop. wow, there are so many people from different places around the world. I have never been to a forum like this one. Nice to know you are from Singapore. =l
Hi Thomas, Nangi, Maciamo, Iron Chef, Navi and Rosie for welcoming me! Yeah, i agree with you Maciamo that it certainly resembles Singapore! Except that there's no Merlion in the picture... By the way, great picture taken! Yes, i've been to Japan. In fact i just came back about 3 weeks ago. I was there for 2 weeks, staying in Ashikaga and Kobe with my Japanese friends. I must say i have really enjoyed my stay there! I shall post some of the picture i've taken into the gallery once i have time to scan them! ;)
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