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Greetings =)


23 Jul 2003
Hi there .... 🙂

i just registered today as the 1900 member here and in the same moment i got my first pen-pal-mail from japan 👏

*yeehaaa * gg

So i just wanted to say hi to all of you .. and i hope it'll be a good time, much fun and lots of expirience with u guys here !!!

some stuff about me: i'm studying computer science in bavaria/germany ... i'm speaking german, english and a little japanese, italian an spanish (but i hope to improve those in the near future ;) )

... ok thats it for today... i'm goin to bed soon .. i do have a pretty hard exam tomorrow *yak*

so long

- oyasumi nasai -


E: ah i see ^^ ...theres a member lounge/introduction here - sorry bout that *doh*
Hey there, Sheeva. Just moved your post here, since it was more like an introduction...

Anway, welcome aboard! You will enjoy it here, I'm sure. Good luck on your exam! ;)
thx a lot..... ;)

so my exam today... wasnt running that "good" ... *bsss* but that doesnt matter ^^

Uiiiiiiiiiiiii holiday!!!!

@Iron Chef - u like Toyota? .... im a big fan of those cars.. !

but now it's time to go to the .. "biergarten"

😄 i dont know the word in english - if there is one *g*
Yeah, bier garten=beer garden...hehe I think I'm a little familiar with that term... ;)

Have fun! Wish I could be going with you! :p
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