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20 Jul 2003
Hello all. Nice discussion forum you have here -- seems to be busy with a lot of users.

I have been interested in Japan, its language and culture since early in college when I started aikido. I studied the language for a year, then went to stay in Japan for about a year at Kansai Gaidai.

It has been about 6 years since I was there, and i miss it terribly!! My language skills have been severely neglected...

My screen name "hotani" is the town where I lived when in Japan - it is located close to Hirakata which is between Osaka and Kyoto.
Hello Hotani. Welcome to the forum !

How long did you stay in Japan ? What do you miss most now ? (I am not being sadistic, just curious as I am also living in Japan and wonder how it would be not to live here anymore).

I lived there from August of 1996 to May of 1997 - an academic year.

I miss my aikido group in Japan, I would like to go back sometime and visit my sensei. I miss some little things like the convenience stores and vending machines, the trains and not needing a car to go somewhere.

Oh, and the ofuro!
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