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2 Feb 2003

I've been lurking for a while now and decided that I should probably join :p

I am interested in learning Japanese and I have big interest in the Japanese culture as a whole. Errmm... Ok I thought of stuff to say now its kind of slipping away :(

Oh, I am a fan of Jpop I have listened to some Jrock too but not much however I want to listen to more. :)
My favorite snack is Pocky even though I have to import it as I live in the sticks and as far as I know no where near me sells the stuff :'(
I also like anime and hk films. I think that is about it. :)

Please be nice to poor little newbie ^_^
Originally posted by Maciamo
Hi MuZ !

Welcome aboard !

Can you find pocky in the UK ?

I've never seen any for myself but I have heard you can find Pocky in places like London.

Nangi, I've had original Pocky, white mousse and a winter special one. I'll try to get some more in :)

Thank you all for such a nice welcome.
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