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28 Dec 2003
My name's Jeff Branch from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and I'm a newcomer here on the board.

To tell you a little about myself, I'm 44 years young and work in my hometown as a Personnel Clerk in the Federal government after a 20 year stint in the U.S. Navy. It was early on in my career that I had the opportunity to visit Japan and I absolutely loved the experience. The sights, the culture, the people, it was all so incredible to a then 18 year old who had never done any serious traveling before.

Being in Japan introduced me to one of the driving passions of my life: Pink Lady. I fell in love with Mie and Kei after seeing a poster of the girls in a Yokosuka record store, and my passion for them has yet to wane. In fact, I have my own website devoyed to them (WELCOME TO PINK LADY AMERICA!) and, back in August, I traveled to Japan to finally see Mie and Kei in concert!

However, I have other interests, they being anime and manga, both of which I'm collecting faster than I can find room to store it all! I'd list everything I'd own, but might exhaust the bandwith! HA! Anyhoo, I'm glad to be part of the board and hope to hear from lots of likeminded people! Sayonara!

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