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Greetings from V.I.B ~very important baka-chan~ dechu!!


2 Nov 2003
Hajimemashite~! 🙂 A big harloe to all you people out there.

Glad to chance upon this interesting forum which really draws my attention.. 😍 (It's my very first time joining a forum bluush: ) Hope to get to know all of you~!!

Ah, ah, I forgot to introduce myself. Watashi wa V.I.B ~~very important........ :eek: baka-chan~~ desu. (You guys can call me V.I.B or just baka-chan.)

I am a Chinese Singaporean gal who is very into manga, anime and jrock.. 👏 Manga, anime and jrock fans out here, where are you guys?? Feel free to drop me a message if u would like to find out more about me. 😊
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