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Greetings from Japan-101


5 Oct 2003
Hi gang:

I have been a member for a short time and have not yet introduced myself. So here goes...

My name is Doug Mansfield and I am the owner of www.japan-101.com, a site about general Japan facts and information. I have visited many of the other sites here and like the company I keep.

Some of you know me and have exchanged links. Thanks! I will probably write to more people individually as I get time and find sites I would like to share links with. Feel free to contact me first in this regard.

I believe there is lots of traffic out there looking for quality Japan sites and by cooperating we can all get more visitors. Topsites runs a great show here and I'm happy to be part of it.
Greetings and welcome Doug. Nice site you have there, I enjoyed reading some of the articles very much.
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