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8 Jun 2003
I'm brand new here, and still finding my way around and I really enjoy what I have seen so far.

My interest in Japan goes back to when I was a kid and saw the "Shogun " miniseries on NBC with my dad. I remember that it was long but very good. I finally got around to reading the book when I was in college and it took my entire summer to read.

My best friend in college introduced me to the joys of Anime, with such greats as the Tenchi OAV, Robot Carnival, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Trigun. That brought back great memories of Robotech, Voltron, and the Transformers from my childhood.

My interests in Anime continue and led to Manga, so I'm still new but want to experience great works. I've fairly recently discovered Akira Kurosawa's films, and am beginning to purchase some more of his films and other great Japanese movies (which means 40 bucks each for a Criterion DVD).

My dad was stationed in Japan while he was in the Marines before I was born, so maybe I gained a fascination and interest whilst in the womb. So I guess my father is the reason for my Anime, Manga, and my Final Fantasy games now.

Have a good night and peace out. 🙂
Hi Meifumado, welcome aboard! 🙂

Ah, Shogun... also my "first encounter" with Japanese culture when I was a kid, lol.
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