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Greetings! and question...


13 Jul 2002

I just wanted to post a quick introduction. I'm very happy to have found this forum, as I've been looking for a place where I could discuss various J-Pop issues... especially Japanese music from the last few decades. I was extremely pleased to see a thread on the music of the 1960's!

I host a weekly radio show at my local college (though I'm a few years out of school) focusing on Asian pop music, with an emphasis on J-Pop. Recently I started a segment called "Time Capsule" in which I play Oricon #1 hits for that week from as many years as I have in my collection. It's been fun, but collecting information on these artists has been tough... hopefully, you won't mind some questions from me from time to time! In return, I'll try to help as much as I can with any questions posted here.

I sincerely apologize, but I already have a rather strange question... I noticed someone posted asking about attempting to get J-Pop acts to appear in concert in Europe. My question should hopefully be easier... ^_^;;

Does anyone think it would be possible to get some J-Pop artists to record station IDs for my radio show? It would be extremely cool to have some recordings of the artists featured on my show telling the listeners what station they're listening to... but obviously it's a rarity to see a J-Pop act come anywhere near upstate New York live in concert.

Thanks for any help, and again, pleased to meet everyone!
Hi Stevie, and welcome to the forum! I am also very much into music of "past decades", so Jpop doesn't mean just "Hikki" or "Ayu" over here.

I leave the answer to your question up to Twisted who is literally breathing Jpop, hehe.

Nice to have you here.
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Hey Stevie, Welcome to the board!

Does your radiostation have an internet-stream? I'd love to hear your show.

The easiest way to get a station-ID is to get near the artist. I've had the privilege to interview Cornelius last december and got a station-ID from him. So it is possible. 👏

The obvious problem is that not many Japanese artists come overseas. I guess you could settle for more underground acts that do tour through the US.
When you find out that a Japanese artist is coming to New York for promotion, drop a line to the record-company.
They usually organise one or more days for the press to do interviews and if you're lucky they can squeeze you in.

A second option is mailing the record-companies in Japan and ask if their artist(s) will do a station-ID. This is a long-shot, because i doubt they will bother to hire studiotime just for one small radiostation. But then again, if you don't try, you'll never know.

Good luck and hope to see you around more often on the forum.

hi MHtrstevie🙂

welcome to the forum, our own twisted is the man!!! as Thomas said "he literally breaths jpop".

enjoy your stay here and we hope to hear more from you, 👏

I'm happy to hear from everyone... it's certainly wonderful to join such an active J-Pop fan group! I hope I can be of even a little assistance to everyone here.

For anyone who's interested, my radio show is broadcast over the Internet, as WSPN has a streaming audio channel on their website... I'm not really sure how it works, though. The last I heard it uses the ShoutCast system, which I think works through WinAmp. My little weblink which appears on my messages is linked to the WSPN website, so you can just click on that to hear it. I'll also put the link here:

WSPN | 91.1 Skidmore College Radio

Thanks for the interest!

Has anyone had any dealings with Sony Music Imports? I know they've been working hard to popularize J-Pop in the USA (Puffy AmiYumi, L'arc~en~ciel, Japan for Sale compilations)... I wonder if they might be of any help in pursuing J-Pop groups for station IDs.

Thanks again, and I'll see you soon! 🙂
HI MHtrStevie,

quicky? Where in upstate? My father used to live in Gloversville and Johnstown.

umm, I'd go with Twisted's advice and just start contacting as many company's as possible. IF they're artists that fell off the map, you might be able to get them even to do a home recording. Loosey quality but .. still.

Why don't you take a drive down into the city and hit up Kubota Toshinobu he's located in NYC somewhere. IF you can contact him you'll at least cover part of 80's.

There's also some Japanese wife and American husband unit in NYC (errr, I hope it wasn't London), that you might be able to track down.

good luck

Actually, I used to work in Gloversville, so I'm very familiar with that area. I'm living closer to the Albany area these days, but I'm still right in that same area...

It's a small world, desu ne? ;)

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone!

Now that's [natsukashii] ...

I miss the Amersterdam mall sometimes. Weird but the truth.
Why would I miss a place like that?

Ohhhh, I saw ET there :)

Also, the Holiday Inn in Gloversville was my summer time home for a bit :)

You work in the tannerys?
I'm very familiar with the Holiday Inn in Gloversville... many guests of our company stayed there, and I often drove them to and from work.

I actually worked for a small generic pharmaceutical company there. Most of the tanneries have actually moved away from the area, leaving the region pretty depressed economically. It's really a shame, but the local government has been making some good steps recently to revitalize the downtown area... even the Glove Theatre reopened while I was working there.

It's been close to a year since I've been there, though, so things could have changed since then...

Never thought I'd be discussing Gloversville here on the J-Pop Forum... :D
@ yep small world, never surprises me though since I have this knack to run into people :)

My father worked for several tanneries there and owned a small finishing shop of his own but he never could get the BODs for waste disposal and calling on a few prominent people didn't help either.

His family (divorced parents) ended up moving to California after visiting me one summer.

hehe, let's move it up more for [natsukashii]ness (memories) ....
I remember talking to guys who were developing the coleco computer (coleco did the cabbage patch babies) ... hey, stay for the summer in an all expense paid hotel and eat and hang out with your father in the bar you meet all kinds of people. I suggested floppy drives and what not but they did cassette drives instead ... lol ... that computer didn't sell for long. they should've listened to a 13 year old!

ahhh, sorry ... it's just too funny to find folks that know the same places :)

Now, if I found somebody from the my same home town I'd probably sh_t my pants.
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