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26 Feb 2003
Hi, I was so impressed to see a membership touching 750, well done Thomas and the team!!

There's so much to do here... it'll take me a while to figure it all out.

Ten cents:

Time served: coming up to 9 years (finaly got around to applying for my PR)
Home: Yokohama (J-wife complete with outlaws)
Work: Consumer electronics giant (desk jockey, Tokyo, 7 years)
Japanese ability: Hmmmm

Love Japan because:

My wife and outlaws. They're the GREATEST! The friends I've made from all over the globe. Its proximity to Thailand... oh and the money's not bad.

Hate Japan because:
Government and corporate sponsored racism. The short-sighted waste of human effort I witness all too often at work. You know!

When not at the office cruising places like this I:

Like to cook; unavailability of a 'proper curry' spurred me on to perfect my own..100% hand made. Play the bass; I've played a few gigs in and around Yokohama, but not doing much right now. My claim to fame is playing ThumbsUp, Yokohama. Travel; my tip for surviving Japan is to get out at least once a year (I go three times) and Thailand is our fav. destination. Backgammon; spend a lot of time playing on line. Last but not least; quaffing beer and wine!

Hi HnR, welcome aboard and thanks for your kind words, they are appreciated! 🙂

I haven't noticed we already reached the 750 member limit. Time for champagne... 🍾
Greetings and welcome aboard!

"unavailability of a 'proper curry' spurred me on to perfect my own..100% hand made."

Someone mention curry?!? *drools* Btw, only visited Yokohama once but it was magnificent! :)
I like it... Curry and Yokohama.

I know a lot of Tokyo people like to visit and I can spot 'em a mile off. They're the ones with the cameras and tinfoil-hats.
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