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Green tea J-style


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14 Mar 2002
This is one thing I'm missing in Europe: ready-to-drink green tea! The 2 liter-bottles from Ito-en are available here, but you have to fork over an amount of money equivalent to two bottles of 1998 Languedoc wine!

Green tea actually has the same effect on me than coffee.

Green tea on the mark in Japanese style

Ready-to-drink green tea has become the latest hit in the Thai beverage market with three industry giants, Nestle, Coca-Cola and Unilever, entering the business.

The products, both in sachet and ready-to-drink form, have gained popularity at a faster rate than alternative drinks in the past two years, apparently because consumers consider the product healthy and have a liking for the Japanese tea-drinking tradition.

=> bangkokpost.com/Business/21Jan2003_biz68.html
i've read reports on how green tea could improve our health etc..... but i really wonder whether the ready-to-drink green tea will have the same effect on the traditional green tea...... probably not, i think.
...Corn syrup and preservatives. At least in the States (I think). I'm not sure about overseas though...
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