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14 Sep 2002
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I tried to post my url on Japan reference and keep getting kicked back to the previous page. Can't seem to figure out what information isn't acceptable (I've counted all my characters in each item and none are over the maximums). Anyway, my website is a local info (Kanagawa Prefecture-Cities) site, a long-term resident's unofficial guide to "art village" Fujino Township, 58 minutes from Shinjuku:

Green Gables: A Contemplative Companion to Fujino Township
Hi Hokuto,

and welcome to the forum!

I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Your submission has been refused because your web site has already been added to our directory on 12-Mar-2001

=> Contemplative Companion to Fujino Township

Feel free to modify your entry.
Oops, well, that makes sense, I guess! I couldn't find it listed in your links page, so assumed it wasn't there.
Thanks for the reply.
Hokuto, Hi and welcome🙂

I just took a quick glance at your site and it has beautyful pics, I will check it out in detail tomorrow🙂
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