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Great J-pop websites!


The Rise of Cobra
31 Aug 2003
I really got into J-pop during my senior year of high school after I heard "Eyes On Me" from Final Fantasy 8. Now J-pop is my second favorite type of music. Sorry, but country music will always be my favorite. My Japanese friends get a kick out of a cowboy listening to J-pop. Anyone have that happen to them? :p

I found two great sites that invole J-pop and I had to share with everyone. The first site has J-pop music videos that can be downloaded: http://www.custom-webhosting.com/~muz/LD/index2.html

Just to let you know, click on the three icons at the top to jump to different selections. Enjoy!

The other site is for J-pop lyrics (J-pop, Anime, and video games).


I hope you check out the sites!👏


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Eyes On Me got you too huh? :(

That and Melodies of Life pretty much made me a "believer" you could call it :p
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