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"Grave of the Fireflies" anyone see it?


13 Aug 2003
about 2 months or so ago i saw Grave of the Fireflies, its such a sad movie, ill give a bit of info , but not a lot to ruin it for those whom might want to see it. Ok its during WWII and its abouta a 14-15 year old Seika and his little sister Setsko. They get their home bombed by the US planes and they have to live and survive on their own. Such a sad and touching story, it makes you forget that its just anime although it makes the U.S. seem like that bad guys : / but im not taking sides, just see it! its just a really good movie to watch!


"Grave of the Fireflies" is a fantastic movie, but such an emotional one... it should be seen at least once by anyone, and it's brough me to tears twice. However, I really didn't get the sense that the U.S. was viewed as the "bad guys"... it is a film about war, after all. Seeing the war through Japanese civilian society is an interesting perspective... the armies on both sides seem more like forces of nature, so detached from the civilian world of just surviving.

"Barefoot Gen" is a manga which touches on some of the same issues in GotF... and another piece which communicates the same message that I got from GotF: that no matter who "wins" or "loses" a war, the children involved are the ones who suffer the most.
Yeah MHtrStevie, I mean it almost brought me tears, although your right about the win lose, if its anyone who loses, its the children, because they have to live with all that hurt and all those problems.
I don't think another movie has made my cry so hard, but it was worth it. I even got my mom to watch it and she doesn't like anime.
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