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grammar question about japanese perhaps about suffix

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16 Mar 2016
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hi guys, i 'm tyki and i have a question but i couldn't find the grammar section can someone guide me or provide a link towards the grammar section . i need to post grammar question about japanese perhaps about suffix(Not honorifics i dont wanna know bout -san -chan- etc) but i am new here please dont eat me. ;)
how do you guys represent this in japanese? will the verb,noun, adjective,&adverb retain the same kanji as they retain the same word stem in English?
differ = Verbs
difference = nouns
different = Adjectives
differently= Adverbs
e.g sentence containing all four words.
"A and B are two different entities, in which they differ in terms of

biological characteristic ,with that being said the difference will be obvious as that will determine why they act differently."


22 Feb 2008
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differ = Verb: 違う chigau
difference = noun: 違い chigai
different = Adjective: 違った chigatta
differently= Adverb: 違って chigatte

All these words are conjugations of the verb "chigau". "Chigatta" and "chigatte" are not an adjective and adverb, respectively. The former is the adjectival usage of the past form, and the latter is the adverbial usage of the -te form. "Chigai" belongs to noun, but this is also originally from the nounal usage of the -masu stem/i form.

Japanese verb conjugation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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