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Graduate program in Informational Security


12 Sep 2014
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I have a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, some experience volunteering with work on a research in a university and working several years as a software developer. I want to go to graduate school and continue my education by studying something in Information Security field. I always wanted to go to Japan so I decided to search web for universities that provide such programs and haven't found many of them.
I found that in The University of Tokio there is a lab that does research in this field. Looks like you can enter their graduate programs without Japanese knowledge, but I'm not sure on that. The problem is that it seems it would be hard for me to pass their specialized subjects entrance exams, because I didn't take some of the things they require while studying, so I don't know if I will consider this as an option. In countries, like US for example, in many cases only you have to pass GRE, I think that's much easier.
One more thing that I found is Institue of Information Security I also don't know if they have English programs and accept students from abroad, I sent them email about that. Also I have no idea what their entrance exams requirements are and if I can pass them.
That's all so far.
So, can any of you please advise me a university with graduate programs in Information Security in English (or programs where students have preparation time taking Japanese classes)? Also please let me know how hard it was to get in if you are studying there.
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