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Help Graduate Admissions through Univ Recommendation+MEXT Funded


4 Jan 2017
Hi friends, I am so glad that I found this forum. I appreciate everyone's help and support, trust me it is really useful for people like me. Sorry for putting a new thread as I couldn't find proper info's on the university recommendation (or i missed may be). Can anybody help me with my case ?
I have applied to UTokyo through Univ recommendation for Autumn 2017 admissions. I was fortunate that, I got the LOA from my prospective supervisor. He said he would take me if I get through the departmental screening (which is the normal procedure). My concern is 1) how tough (or easy) is the next level (departmental or university level screening)? 2) will I get MEXT if I clear this step or it depends from case to case? Please help...
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