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Gothic Scene In Japan

I think the gothic scene in Japan would be part of the visual kei and gothic lolita scene. To me, visual kei in its darkest way is pretty similar to what we in the UK call gothic. This scene revolves around a bunch of amazing bands, so check them out. If you're looking for mainstream, try Dir en Grey.. if you're looking for indies, try +D'espairs Ray+ and Nightmare.
From what I can tell as a budding fashion design student there really are no boundaries between Gothic Lolita and the visual Kei style....I know that Mana was a heavy influence in that style of fashion.

If you ever get the chance to check out the book "Fruits" I highly suggest it....it has a lot of different styles to Japanese teens wear on the streets...."Street Fashion"
Iツ´m a new member of this forum and I hope, that some of you can help me.
I study Japanese Studies at the University of Leipzig. Now Iツ´m going to write my final exam about the japanese gothic scene.
So I look for japanese gothics to interview and for people who can tell me about the scene, the fashion and so on ...

Maybe you can help me a bit analysing the Japanese gothicsツ´ fashion?

I would be very glad, if there is someone who could help me ...

Silent greetz

Gothic and visual kei are not alike!
And especially NOT the "same scene" or something like that.
It's more like gothics having not much left for visual kei people...
Though because of the sometimes darker looks, and some bands making similar music (as we know, visual kei is not a musical style), visual kei can often be confused with gothic.
Thank’s for your answer! =)
That’s what I found out while reading the page "Dead at last".
Now I’m looking for details and differences because I want to concentrate on the Japanese GOTHIC Szene. To add Visual Key might be too much amount of material. Then I could write a book, too! ;-)
Maybe you can help me to find some more of the (music) szene than "Eve of destiniy" or even tell me more about them or where to find some ...

Silent greetz

Hello! =^3^=
my name is Nanase, I'm a Lolita and......about Visual Kei, it does not look a like, but IT HAVE ALOT TO BE!!!! i mean, Lolitas' favorite music is Visual Kei, which is a gender, Mana-sama from Moi dix Moi (ex Malice Mizer) invented the name of ELEGANT GOTHIC LOLITA ARISTOCRAT and also the one of ELEGANT GOTHIC LOLITA, he have his own boutique of Loli fashion, MOI-MEMÊ-MOITE and the FRUITS magazine have NOTHING! to be with Lolis, that magazine is for GALS! xp.....they are everything except goth, Lolis have their own magazine GOTHIC & LOLITA BIBLE check that if you want to learn
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